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LeGrand Hotel, Port Daniel

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The restored LeGrand Hotel. (Photo - Matthew Farfan)One of the premier architectural landmarks along the south Gaspe Coast (Route 132) is the remarkable LeGrand Hotel in Port Daniel. Built in 1899 by Alfred Dumaresq LeGrand, a native of Jersey, the building is as fine an example of Second Empire architecture as one is likely to find in this part of the world. The mansard roofs and dormer windows are clad in bright silver tin and stand out from far and wide. The building occupies a prominent spot overlooking the Port Daniel River and bridge.

Originally built by LeGrand as a home for himself and his family, the building was soon converted into a hotel, and functioned as such for the next half-century. The heyday of LeGrand’s hotel was in the first decade of the twentieth century, when the railway was being constructed. The railway engineers encountered a major obstacle in the large granite outcrop near Port Daniel. This slowed construction for several years, all to the profit of the hotel, but eventually a tunnel under the outcrop was built.

Interpretive plaques now adorn the lawn of the old hotel. (Matthew Farfan)In addition to railway workers, LeGrand catered to tourists and other Gaspe Coast travelers. The hotel included a reception hall and twenty-six rooms. It operated until the mid-1900s, but was eventually left vacant and fell into disrepair. It deteriorated to the point where it became a serious eyesore. Finally, with the help of federal and provincial grants, a local group known as “Les Amis de l’Hotel LeGrand” was able to have the old hotel renovated in 1998-1999.

Today, LeGrand Hotel (La Maison LeGrand) stands proudly along the highway at the entrance to Port Daniel, a symbol of pride to the community and an important heritage site. The building houses the town hall, the local library (the “Bonheur d’Occasion”) and a micro-museum devoted to the history of the building and the LeGrand family. On the grounds of the building, interpretive displays tell of important events in local history.

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Port Daniel is the most

Port Daniel is the most famous community where tourist can see and enjoy it's different attraction such as rivers beauty, waterfalls, and gorges. LeGrand Hotel is the major attraction of Port Daniel. It's look very beautiful and attractive. I think, this will be a nice place to stay and to spend our vacation.
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