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The Lone Ranger Comes to Little Pabos

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The Lone Ranger!
Our home was the gathering place in the community. We were one of the first ones in Little Pabos to have a radio. I remember when the Lone Ranger would come on. My grandfather, who was in his eighties at the time, would come and find us to let us know that the program would be on shortly.

There would be seven or eight of us in the living room listening to the Lone Ranger. When the story came on, no one was allowed to make a sound. Everyone was sitting around and Mamma would be knitting. Afterwards she'd make a nice raisin pie for us to enjoy.Often when the Lone Ranger was over we would play cards for apples. Especially, in the fall of the year, when the apples were ripe, we would get together and play cards by the hour for an apple.

*Rene Morris was born in Little Pabos in 1932. He worked for 25 years as a millwright at New Richmond Mill. He enjoys hunting andfishing and spends most of his time in his woodworking shop in Pabos Mills.