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Gaspé Quiz #14: Geography

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1. What two rivers meet at Matapedia near the head of Chaleur Bay?

2. Where did the first two permanent settlers in the Gaspé Bay area live?

3. What 3 rivers flow into Gaspé Bay?

4. What is the name of the town where Charles Robin first established his company headquarters?

5. What did the entire area surrounding New Carlisle become referred to legally?

6. Where was a Provincial Marine Biological Station and Fisheries School opened in 1948?

7. How long is the Cascapedia River?

8. What is the highest mountain peak east of the Rockies?

9. What town on the coast is named after an officer in Wolfe’s army?

10. Name the Bonaventure County Hotel which is the birthplace of Quebec politician, Gerard D. Levesque?

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