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War Memorial, Gaspé

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As World War I was beginning, in October 1914; Gaspé Bay became the rallying point for an imposing Canadian war fleet on its way to Europe. The fleet included 31 ships, 31,300 men, 8,000 horses and some thirty trucks. At the end of the War, during the summer of 1919, the Cenotaph was erected in Gaspé to commemorate the 38 Gaspesians who fell on the field of honour.

A fundraising campaign organized by Gertrude Le Boutillier and Lewis McKenzie made it possible purchase this monument in Lyons, France. After the Second World War, the names of 49 courageous Gaspesians who died to liberate France, Belgium and the Netherlands were added to the monument. The Gaspé branch of the Royal Canadian Legion maintains this site and organizes a memorial service there each Remembrance Day.The cenotaph is located on York Boulevard, south end of the Gaspé Bridge in the town of Gaspé.