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Forillon National Park of Canada

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Anse-Blanchette. (Photo - Parks Canada)Mission:
Forillon, a national park created in 1970, is located at the farthest reach of the Gaspé Peninsula. Its majestic landscapes cover a 244 km2 area that is carved out of the sea, cliffs and mountains.

Forillon protects a representative sample of the Notre-Dame and Mégantic mountain regions and certain elements of the Gulf of St. Lawrence marine region. The presence of ten different rock formations, colonies of seabirds and enigmatic artic-alpine plants give this park its unique character.

Within this seaside park, the Grande-Grave National Heritage Site highlights the way of life of fishing families of the 19th and 20th centuries. Authentic buildings restored with care, thematic exhibitions, interpretive trails, films, interpretation activities and historical animations allow visitors to learn about this chapter in history.

Hyman store and warehouse. (Photo - Parks Canada)Physical description:
At the extreme northeast tip of the Gaspé Peninsula, 700 km from Québec and 350 km from the New Brunswick border via Route, 132 Forillon National Park takes in a narrow, mountainous peninsula that extends into the Gulf of St. Lawrence and marks the eastern end of the Appalachian mountain chain. The entire park is located in the municipality of Gaspé.

Nine thousand years ago, prehistoric peoples camped on the capes lining the point, the marine terraces of the Anse au Griffon Valley and Penouille Point. For centuries, the coves and pebbled beaches of the Gaspé Cape in Petit-Gaspé had attracted the Micmacs, the first inhabitants of Gaspé, seasonal and sedentary fishers. The largest coves, such as Anse aux Sauvages, Saint-Georges Cove and Grande-Grave had villages established near them. Smaller coves welcomed family settlements.

Hiking in Forillon. (Photo - Parks Canada)Forillon offers visitors a truly impressive range of landscapes: sheer cliffs plunging into the sea, pebble beaches lining little coves, and a backdrop of mountains, plains, and water. These landscapes are home to hundreds of species – from black bears to moose and from fabulous marine mammals to incredible colonies of seabirds. To this sea of beauty is added the human history of Grande-Grave Heritage Site.

· Visitor and interpretation services available from early June to Thanksgiving
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· Interpretation centre
· Educational workshops
· Grande-Grave Heritage Site – Hyman General Store and Anse-Blanchette
· Winter activities
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· Lookout
· Picnic area
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· Snack bar
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