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Jacques Cartier Heritage Walk

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Office du tourisme et des congrès de Gaspé (see Editor's note below)

The Jacques Cartier Heritage Walk in the City of Gaspé will allow you to better understand and appreciate the history and heritage of the Gaspé Basin, the “Birthplace of Canada”. As the heritage walk passes 15 points of interest, an audio guide player and guidebook will bring the architecture and art to life. Each point of interest is numbered; to hear an audio-commentary, simply key in the number to your audio guide player. In addition, interpretation panels line the walk. The following sites comprise the tour:

1. The Jacques Cartier Monument National Historic Site
Commemorating the moment when the French officially laid claim to the Canadian territory, these cast iron sculptures symbolize both the physical relief of the surrounding landscape and the historic encounter between Jacques Cartier and the coastal Indigenous fishers.

2. Gaspé Museum
Well worth the visit, the Gaspé Museum (Musée de la Gaspésie) is perched at the tip of Jacques Cartier Point.

3. Former Diocesan seminary
Built in 1926, this monumental edifice nestles in the shelter of the mountainside. It offers professional and pre-university-level courses. Formerly devoted to the training of those entering the priesthood, it is remarkable for its dome-shaped bell tower and frontispiece crowned by a concave oval niche bearing a statue.

4. Carter Ancestral home
Built in 1856, this residence has over the years kept its Victorian appearance. Formerly a consul’s residence, it today houses a hotel.

5. Bishop’s residence
This magnificent residence has served as the bishopric for the Gaspe Diocese since 1942. It was built as a hotel in the latter half of the 19th century by the renowned Robin family.

6. Christ-Roi Cathédral Modern in style, the audacious form of the cathedral, notable for its abstract geometric shape give particular emphasis to the play of light within and without.

7. 1934 Commemorative Cross
What can be more significant than this mass of granite soaring 10 metres into the air. It symbolizes the 400th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s arrival in Canada.

8. Former Ash Inn
Former residence of William Wakeham, Doctor, Fisheries Inspector and Arctic explorer for the Canadian government, this building has a unique position in the architectural landscape of the Gaspé Peninsula, it is now a restaurant.

9. Former National Bank building
This building, influenced by neo-classical and Victorian design, is remarkable for its angled corner doorway and decorative eave brackets and cornices. This nearly century-old brick edifice now houses shops and a bed-and-breakfast establishment.

10. Former tourist information centre
Recently restored and enlarged in a manner that fully respects its original architectural particularities, this building erected in 1930, now houses the Brulerie Du Café des Artistes.

11. War Cenotaph
A reminder of the two world wars, this monument was erected in honour of the 87brave Gaspesians who fell on the field of honour.

12. Jacques De Lesseps Monument
This explorer of the sky in directed work for the Franco-Canadienne Company in its early efforts to map the Gaspé Peninsula using aerial photography. De Lesseps’ body lies in Gaspé’s Roman Catholic cemetery.

13. Discovery Place Monument
Created for the 450th anniversary of Jacques Cartier’s arrival in Gaspé, this aluminum sculpture explores the symbolism of the discovery through abstract forms that recall both the St.Malo discoverer’s vessel and an Indigenous site.

14. Former Horace LeBoutillier home
Another architectural gem, this one dating from the first half of the 19th century. Inspired by Channel Island and Quebec architectural styles, this residence housed, in turn, the Brazilian, Italian and United States consulates during Gaspé’s years as a free-trade port.

15. Former John LeBoutillier home
This magnificent and imposing Channel Island Regency cottage was owned by John Le Boutillier, a fisheries industrialist who sat in the House of Commons for the Gaspé riding. This residence, which served as the Spanish Consulate in the 19th century, today houses L’Ancéstre, a restaurant and bed-and-breakfast establishment.

Editor's note, January 5th 2021: Tourisme Gaspé has been replaced by Gaspé Pur Plaisir:
While the editor could not find any information about whether a map for this walking tour still exists, the Musée de la Gaspésie can recommend several tour operators. The museum can be reached through its website: