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Kempt Road Falls, Restigouche South East

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Matthew Farfan

larger_kempt_road_falls.1.jpgA lovely spot for a picnic and a pleasant diversion for anyone traveling between Matapedia and New Richmond is the Kempt Road Waterfall in Restigouche South East.

The waterfalls is accessible via a walking path that starts at the Kempt Road about 3 km north of the Kempt Road Interpretation Centre (which is located at the junction of Kempt Road and Route 132).

The path follows the Calder Brook through the forest up a gentle uphill grade for about three-quarters of a kilometre. Along the way, wooden footbridges and stairways wind their way up the brook.

larger_kempt_road_falls.2.jpgTowards the top of the path, one begins to hear the roar of water and notice the increasing moisture in the air.

At the top of a long set of stairs that parallel a steep downward plunge of the brook, one emerges at the falls. Here, if it's hot enough, one can stand in the little pool and be refreshed by the cool mountain stream as it plummets down the forty-foot drop.

larger_kempt_road_falls.3.jpgThe trail continues up another flight of steps and passes above the falls for a short distance where it peters out in a little clearing by the stream. The walk, in each direction, takes about 20 minutes, the perfect distance for a family with children. The trail is maintained by the Municipality of Restigouche South East.

For those wishing a longer walk (about 4 km round-trip), there is the Birdwatcher's Trail. This trail is located across the road a short distance away. It leads to a lookout on the Kempt River.