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Vaste et Vague Artists' Centre, Carleton-sur-Mer

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Matthew Farfan

(Photo courtesy of Vaste et Vague)Vaste et Vague is the name of an artists' centre in Carleton-sur-Mer, on the Baie des Chaleurs. The centre was founded in 1990 by a group of Gaspé artists seeking to create a venue for creation and experimentation in the arts, and a place where they could display their work. Today, the self-managed centre is the only certified contemporary arts centre on this part of the Gaspé coast.

Among Vaste et Vague's activities are its "Rencontres" (art meetings) and conferences. These events have allowed the centre to establish itself as a centre for reflection and exchange in the field of contemporary art. The centre's membership is regionally-based, but the reach of its activities is province-wide, Canada-wide, and international.

Another important aspect of Vaste et Vague's programming is its artist-in-residence program. The centre hosts four artists-in-residence each year, one of them being an artist from outside of Canada.
Vaste et Vague hosts a regular schedule of exhibitions, conferences, and other activities. For more information, consult the centre's website at: