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The Grand Cascapedia River: A Photographic Journey

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The fabled Grand Cascapedia River is known by most fishermen for its large Atlantic salmon that are sometimes called the Cascapedia Giants. This is a place where fishing stories are told and the dreams of catching an Atlantic salmon come to life when one finally gets to throw a fishing line across its waters. The history of the Cascapedia tells the tale of a destination that was chosen by ardent fishermen who were fortunate enough to secure the right to fish this magnificent stream.

The river has seen and felt the presence of thousands of these anglers and has witnessed their many attempts to land one of its salmon. Throughout the fishing season, it has provided a series of different environmental circumstances that dare both the novice and the experienced fisherman to test their skills against the wind, rain and temperature variations of this northern climate.

larger_new_derreen_guests_4_tb.jpgAnd yet, like other salmon rivers, the Cascapedia offers fishermen no guarantee that they will be walking away with a trophy fish. This sport is all about patience and the anticipation of what lies beneath these cool waters. As soon as the angler feels the pull of the line and the zing of the reel, his imagination is thrown into overdrive and he becomes absorbed in landing his silvery opponent.

For many fishermen, this river is a salmon paradise and they return year after year hoping to walk away with a fishing story that will last a lifetime.

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