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Committee for Anglophone Social Action (CASA)

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CASA, the Committee for Anglophone Social Action, is a non-profit community organization dedicated to serving the English-speaking population of the Gaspé Coast by representing the community’s interests and designing and delivering programs that respond to its needs.

CASA was established in 1975 to meet the challenges that the English-speaking population residing on the Gaspé Peninsula faces.
CASA’s objectives are:

To protect and promote the interests of the English-speaking population of the Gaspé.

To encourage the development of a sense of responsibility to the community at both local and regional levels among all citizens, and to encourage the full use of human resources.

To recognize the value of and to stimulate public and private interests and concern in all matters relevant to CASA with an aim to increase participation of the general population in the definition of their requirements and desires.

To assure that the English population receives adequate services and communications of all kinds throughout the Gaspé.

To be a resource centre for citizens and organizations interested in helping improve the social, cultural and economic life of the area as it affects the English-speaking population.

To support organizations and activities dedicated to preserving and developing the variety of cultures present within the English-speaking communities of the Gaspé.

To facilitate and promote participation in multi-cultural events, and to encourage greater participation in Quebec society.



208C Gerard D. Levesque
P.O. Box 219
New Carlisle, QC G0C 1Z0

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(418) 752-5995 / (418) 752-2127 / 1 (877) 752-5995
(418) 752-6864
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Cathy Brown, Executive Director