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Gespeg Interpretation Site

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Gespeg teepee. (Photo - Gespep Interpretation Site)The Micmacs established permanent settlements around Gaspé Bay during the 16th century. By 1675, the village of Gespeg had been in contact with European fishermen for several decades, and the Récollet priest Chrestien Le Clercq was beginning his mission among the Micmacs. Nevertheless, in spite of the appearance of new products and foreign influences, the Micmacs, preserved their traditional values and their way of life by living a close relationship with the nature that surrounded them.
Three centuries later, the Gespeg Interpretation Site revives and shares this way of life through interactive displays and demonstrations. Information courtesy of Gespeg Interpretation Site.

Description des lieux : 

The Gespeg site is a reconstructed traditional Micmac village where guides explain the history, way of life and customs of the Micmac people in the 17th century.

Visitors will enjoy the interesting displays of Gespeg craftsmen at work, and will be able to understand the Micmac's connection to nature and full use of its resources.

Traditional crafts. (Photo - Gespeg Interpretation Site)


A multi-functional building houses various services, including a handicraft shop and workshop, and features an exhibit focused on the culture of the Micmac of yesterday and today.

Activités particulières: 

Site tour.

Gespeg display. (Photo - Gespeg Interpretation Site)



Heures d’ouverture: 

Open from June to September from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.



Gespeg Interpretation Site
783, boulevard Pointe-Navarre
C.P. 69
Fontenelle, Québec
G4X 6V2.

(418) 368-7449 or toll free 1-866-870-6005
(418) 368-1272