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--September 1, 2009.

Dear Editor,

Great articles! My family settled in Douglastown in 1784. In the article on the Loyalists ["The Loyalists of Gaspesia: 1784-1984," by Raymond Garrett], I found my great grand father's name, William Kennedy. I actually just got back from a visit in Douglastown.

Edward Mulrooney


Looking for the Hamilton Family

Dear Editor
I am so pleased i finally found an excellent site and loved reading about the history of New Carlisle. I lived in New Carlisle with my family Gordon and Sue Coleman, sister Joyce and brother Gordon(Teddy) during the 50's. When not in school I spent my days with the Hamilton family milking cows,feeding chickens and collecting eggs on their farm. I remember the turkeys that i had to feed. I was very nervous of them and thanks to one of the Hamilton girls came to my rescue many times.
My question is if anyone is reading this i would be extremely excited if i could get in touch with them. My father used to manage the CHNC station and spent lots of days with him at the station.
Well hopefully i might be lucky that someone i know will be reading this. Thankyou Brenda Coleman

Irish Imagrants

I am trying to trace back my great great grandfather voyage from Ireland to Canada his name was Patrick william Murphy maried Mary Whelan jan.10 1842 in new Richmond Quebec and they were in St. jules de Cascapedia for a while then chandler quebec were he died in 1922. I was wondering if he was one that came over on the Coffin ships from the potatoe famine,any info would be great. thank you