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Help! Jersey Fishermen Sought

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--January 13, 2018.

I was wondering if you had any information relating to fishermen sailing the Jersey-Newfoundland Canada route. I am looking for information regarding some members of my family who worked that route between 1883 and 1930. Their names were Albert George Bisson born 1871 he was a rigger and 2 of his sons Albert born 1887 and Edward born 1910. We know Edward died at sea but where or what ships we do not know.

I know they fished and also carried cargo unfortunately all members of the family who may have known have died out and being one of the few members of the family still alive who knew Albert George the family are trying to get down in writing not only the family tree but also all memories they can so any help would be much appreciated.

Kind Regards,

Noreen Deas (nee Bisson)
United Kingdom