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Le Grand Hotel, Port Daniel

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--September 18, 2010

Dear Editor,

I just received the writeup on LeGrand Hotel (Port Daniel). It was fun to read it, as that was my Grandparents' hotel and I lived next door. My mother was a LeGrand. Just a small correction though; there were not 26 bedrooms; there were more like 26 rooms in all. There were 6 guest bedrooms on the east side, then 7 bedrooms for the family on the west side. These were upstairs; then downstairs were 2 more family bedrooms. The other rooms were 2 kitchens (winter one and summer one), 2 bathrooms, family dining-room and guest dining-room, smoking-room (for those old codgers who wanted to smoke and spit into the spittoon ), parlor, tiny room, office and a family room on the east side. Wow! Did you want to know all this ??!!

As for the bonhommes on the lawn. Gramma and Grampa must be turning over in their graves!! Grampa doesn't look too bad but Gramma??

I did enjoy your story. Thanks.

Marilyn Brunet-Shea.