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Looking for Charles Scholes, Motorist and Railway Man

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--February 9, 2010

Dear Editor,

In 1909, Charles Scholes took his wife, daughter (later Violet Grier, my maternal grandmother) and her fiancé on the first motoring trip from New Carlisleto Rocher Percé. Photographs were taken along the route. I have their little photo album which has 17 pictures taken at the time (unfortunately without any captions).

Scholes was to become the general manager of the Quebec and Oriental Railway, and of the Atlantic Quebec and Western Railway. These two projects were intended aspart of a grand plan to facilitate ice-free shipping access through Gaspé to the interior of North America.Some details appear in a court case recorded at the Old Bailey in December 1911.

This intrepid party probably followed the route designated by the railway engineers.

I wonder what information you might have about Scholes and the two railways from newspapers of the era.


Peter Burpee