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Establishing a Gaspesian Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee

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--September 28, 2010

Fellow Supporters and Promoters of Gaspesian Cultural Heritage Development,

CASA remains firmly committed to following up on the resolutions adopted during last spring’s first ‘Gaspesian Cultural Heritage Summit 2010’ held on March 6th at the Galgoasiet Centre in Gesgapegiag:

Resolution #1:
Whereas Mi’kmaq First Nation, French and English-speaking communities alike contribute to the cultural heritage of the Gaspé Coast;
Whereas Gaspesians are the inheritors of Canada’s three founding cultural traditions;
Whereas access to Arts, Culture and Heritage is a fundamental component of healthy community life for all Gaspesians;
Whereas sustained investment in the Arts, Culture and Heritage of the Gaspé is of vital importance to the social and economic well-being of Gaspesian communities;
Whereas community organizations, schools and all levels of government have a responsibility to support cultural and social development in the Gaspé region;
Whereas the English-speaking communities wish to contribute to and be more visible in the presentation of Gaspesian history, heritage and cultural traditions;
We hereby resolve to build on the spirit of sharing and mutual respect that has marked this day, the first regional Gaspé Heritage Summit, by establishing a Gaspesian Cultural Heritage Advisory Committee to be composed of representatives from:
Anglophone, Francophone and Mi’kmaq communities in the Gaspé region
Regional centres of local development (CLD)
Municipal regional councils (MRCs)
Quebec Ministry of Culture, Communications and Women’s Status (MCCCF)
Department of Canadian Heritage

Resolution #2:
Whereas culture is not just for tourists but also for us and our children;
We hereby resolve that today's Heritage Summit challenge the funding agencies to find a solution to the problem of lack of recurring funding for Britville and other heritage organizations in the Gaspé.

It is imperative that an advisory committee meet this fall charged with the responsibility for reviewing the findings and recommendations presented in the Gaspesian Cultural Heritage Summit – Summary Report. The purpose of this meeting is to create a two-year strategic plan, for the development, preservation and promotion of Gaspesian history and cultural heritage.

In order to engage the extraordinary cultural diversity of all Gaspesian cultural groups and optimize participation, we invite you to come and express your views.

CASA will also consider adding agenda items made in writing one week prior to the meeting date. Please view the Gaspesian Heritage Web-magazine site for postings and further updates.

MEETING – Thursday October 21, 2010 - from 9am to 3pm at the CASA office (New Carlisle). Lunch is provided.
*Due to limited space, please RSVP by October 8th, 2010 to or

Respectfully yours,

Normand Desjardins (Meeting Facilitator)
Cathy Brown (Executive Director – CASA)