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Heritage New Carlisle: Artefact of the Week

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--August 1, 2012.

Summer in Gaspesia ... joy!

swim.1_0.jpgTravelers, visitors and guests enjoy their holidays. Everyone enjoys the warm weather, the sun, the sea, lakes and rivers.

The summer season has always imposed a variety of activities, but in Gaspesia one activity that can never be missed has to be, going for a nice swim! Whether the water is warm or very cold everyone puts on their swimsuit and goes for a little dip.

swim.2.jpgNowadays it would be hard to imagine wearing a knitted wool swimsuit right? But early in 1900 that’s exactly what people would wear for their day out on the beach. Wool swimwear, that itched and became very heavy and dangling when wet. Although these two swimsuit were machine made, many of them were knitted by the mothers. They were a nightmare for some but also aloud hours of fun feet in the sand for many.

Fortunately today's fabrics and fibers have evolved and we now find on the market thousands of types of swimwear options. These two swimsuits are striking artifacts for their originality and for the memories they encourage towards some visitors at the Kempffer Centre. Have you ever worn a wool swimsuit?

We will see you at the beach!