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Wakeham Hall: A Sad Ending for a Cherished Building

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--December 5, 2012.

It has been a long road with many bumps and curves. High expectations and quite a few disappointments. It is gone – won’t be replaced - but will not be forgotten. The disappointment goes deeper than seeing the building demolished. What hurts most was the indifference of many and the antagonistic behaviour of a few. It may be considered a victory by some, but a hollow one at that. Yes, the eyesore is gone, as some referred to it. They could not see the possibilities of showcasing the collective history and heritage of our early settlers, one to be proud of – their loss, their legacy.

larger_wakeham.demolition_0.jpgWe put in a good effort and we thank our supporters. It was a hard battle as there was always a lack of communication from the powers that be - which astounded many in our community and other communities. As I broke the news today, there was a general feeling of astonishment and disbelief. We compromised; we reasoned; we almost begged – but for nought. We and our supporters can hold our heads high - we considered the impact on our youth who deserve to know of their roots, the sacrifice of their forbearers and their proud place in history.

Hopefully a lesson has been learned from this lack of vision and short-sightedness. And maybe, next time, things will be better.

Goodbye Wakeham Hall - you deserved better.