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Heritage Gaspé / Heritage Gaspésie

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Date Founded: 

larger_gaspe_view_pye.jpgHeritage Gaspé is a non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote heritage conservation of the Gaspé area, with particular emphasis on the early English settlers of Gaspé Bay.

The English-speaking population has played a significant role in the political, economic, civic and religious development of the area. It is important that the contributions of this group be recognized and that efforts be made to ensure the preservation of their history and traditions.

The specific objectives of Heritage Gaspé are the following:

to stimulate interest in the history of the Gaspé area and initiate efforts for this purpose;
to preserve the history, traditions and sites of the early settlers of the Gaspé area;
larger_gaspe.2.gifto discover and collect materials that relate to the history of the Gaspé and its settlers;
to provide for the preservation and display of such material and to make it accessible to those who may wish to study it;
to promote the preservation and restoration of historic areas, buildings, monuments and markers;
and to encourage and sponsor the publishing efforts of literature on the Gaspé.

Physical Description: 

Heritage Gaspé operates the Eileen and Ernest Boyle Family Research Centre, located at 580 Montée Wakeham in Gaspé.
A small museum features a collection of items used in the whaling trade, such as a variety of harpoons, music from the period, paintings, blubber rendering instruments and many others.


larger_gaspe.1.gifThe Eileen and Ernest Boyle Family Research Centre provides a variety of research tools to help people with Gaspé roots to further explore their heritage. The centre contains documents pertaining to Gaspé in general, as well as historic texts relating to early Gaspé families, genealogies, church records, and old photographs of the Gaspé area.

Special Activities: 

Maintaining the research centre and website.


--The Whalers of Gaspe Bay, A Family Perspective, by James F. Caputo; selected illustrations by Michelle Levesque;
--Tinkling Cones - A Study of Fur Trade Relics in North America.

Business Hours: 

By appointment only.



Eileen and Ernest Boyle Family Research Centre, 580 Montée Wakeham, Gaspé QC G4X 2A1

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(613) 678-3471 / (418) 368-5696
Contact person: 
James F. Caputo